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Think Outside the Box

My husband worked second shift at the time. He would come home and find me sleeping on the sofa. I would usually fall asleep there while reading or watching television. He would tell me of how clearly he could see movement of a foot or a hand going across my belly as I slept.

It was an all new experience and, wow, did my body change! In the fifth month of the pregnancy, the baby’s growth was obvious: my 25 inch waistline was expanding quickly. I felt like my body was under production and literally it was. Production was a term I easily understood because of my professional background. I would often think of it as an assembly process with constant expansion.

Through my four month of pregnancy, I trained lifting weights, practicing Korean style Tae Kwon Do, kickboxing and mountain hiking. As the pregnancy progressed, I wanted other convenient ways of maintaining good health. One of the things I loved about pregnancy is that it forced me to think outside the box when it came to exercise. Some days I just didn’t want to sit in rush hour traffic for a long period of time to get to the gym and afterwards face a long drive home. It was more convenient to just go home. I was able to come up with several home exercises that were quite effective. Although the exercises were not specific to pregnancy, they were great for maintaining health.

Wall Squat: Effective in keeping the legs and derriere toned.LiveLiving image 185

Bicep Curls: Helps to keep arms shapely and strongLiveLiving image 190

Dumbbell Raises: Supports shoulder strengthLiveLiving image 195

I advise anyone starting a new exercise regimen to consult with a professional. Sign up for ePersonal training at Our staff of personal trainers will design a workout plan for you to use at home, in the gym or during travel.


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