Walking Lunges for Great Legs and a Shapely Butt

March 20, 2009 at 12:00 am Leave a comment

LiveLiving image 119Name: Tonya Mitchell, DPT, ATC
Role: Director of ePersonal Training
Favorite functional exercise: Walking Lunges
Why walking lunges? This is an exercise that will shape and tone your entire lower body. It is a functional exercise as well as a shaping exercise. You can do them anywhere! I absolutely love walking lunges and recommend to everyone who not only wants good looking legs, but also a shapely derriere. They are great for strengthening the legs for walking, running, sports activities, or just being able to transfer from a sitting position to standing.

How to execute a walking lunge:
1. Start position: Stand with feet hip width apart.
2. Step forward 2-3 feet forming a 90° bend at the front hip and knee. DO NOT allow front knee to extend past the big toe – may cause injury.
3. Push body up and move the back foot beside the front foot. Alternate feet and repeat.
4. Remember to keep head and back upright in a neutral position. Shoulders and hips should remain squared at all times.
5. Watch for proper knee alignment – do not let front knee extend past big toe or deviate laterally or medially. Back knee should not come in contact with floor.
livelivings-workout-image-700*To make this exercise more challenging try it holding a dumbbell in each hand.



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