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Fiber Does More Than Just Help You Poop

OatmealA boost in your fiber intake can increase your weight loss efforts. Maybe eating fiber-rich foods seems challenging to you because you anticipate gastrointestinal discomfort? Don’t worry. A slow introduction of fiber-rich foods will give your body a chance to adjust to the change and minimize discomfort.

It’s a whole lot easier to lose weight and maintain a healthy weight with fiber-rich foods than without. The good news is that foods high-fiber have bulk that helps you feel full and they are digested slowly. This means it will take longer for you to feel hungry again. Healthy balance of your intake of soluble and insoluble fiber will aid in maintaining digestive health and lower the risk of heart disease and high cholesterol.

Jump start your fiber rich diet with some ideas such as the following:

Whole grains: Most of us know that fiber from white bread is inferior to whole grain sources. Some contain just 1 gram of fiber per slice. Opt for whole grain breads that contain at least 3 grams of fiber.

Flaxseed sprinkles: Two tablespoons of ground flaxseed contain approximately seven grams of fiber. Sprinkle it in your favorite pancake mix or on top of your oatmeal; it adds a nice nutty flavor.

Pasta switch: Whole grain pasta has three times as much fiber as regular pasta. Switch from regular pasta and add whole grain pasta topped with marina sauce and a side of steamed for a healthy meal.


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Partake In the Rhythm of Nature

We tend to be more alert and light when our diet consists largely of fruits and vegetables. In addition, when we eat these foods in season, we also partake in the rhythm of nature. Read more in the Astronomy edition of LiveLiving Christian Health and Wellness eMagazine, p18.

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Lose the Fat: There is No Excuse to Ignore Those Arms

Even though you have put away your sleeveless tops for the winter months, this is no excuse to ignore those arms, especially the tricep muscles. Now is the perfect time to put in the hard work so when summer time does come back around you will be ready to pull out those tops and where them without worrying about all that extra fat that could be hanging around your arms once summer time does arrive.

Lying Dumbbell Extensions:

Step 1: Lay flat on your back on a bench and grasp a dumbbell securely at one end.

Step 2: Holding the dumbbell tightly in your hands with your arms extended and a slight bend at your elbows so all the tension is on the tricep muscles. Slowly lower the weight down behind your head by bending at your elbows and while keeping your elbows/ arms tucked in tight to your body.

Step 3: Raise the dumbbell back up to the starting position by straightening your arms at your elbows.

Do 3 rounds of 12-15 repetitions at a weight that gives you a muscle burn by the 8-10th rep.

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Strengthen the Immune System

The flu has raised attention to cleanliness and precautionary methods this year. Sneeze, cough or blow your nose and you might be suspected of having H1N1. There are some helpful foods to eat to strengthen the immune system and fight disease and infection:

1. Vitamin C – Leafy green vegetables, berries, red bell peppers and black currants
2. Vitamin A – squash, sweet potatoes, broccoli, mango and tomato
3. Vitamin E – sunflower seeds, avocado, almonds, and salmon
4. Zinc – nuts, seeds, All Bran and wheat germ.

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Exercises to Increase Your Oxygen Capacity for Living a Fit Life

Increase your oxygen uptake and you will increase your body’s performance and sense of wellbeing. You should be interested in utilizing your oxygen capacity more effectively. Read more in LiveLiving Christian Health and Wellness eMagazine, page 31.

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Plank Pike: A Great Way to Build Core Strength

Most people are intimidated when it comes to performing exercises with the stability ball, but it is a great way to build core strength. All other moves you perform for each muscle within the body can be enhanced by building core strength. Core stability is needed in every activity you perform throughout the day. From rolling over to get out of bed to sitting in your car the abdominals are hard at work stabilizing your lumbar spine. This week’s exercise is one that should challenge you. The primary target is your abdominal muscles but arm and leg strength are required. The is also a great way to develop dynamic stability and strength in your shoulder muscles and in your hip and gluteus muscles. In addition to the great workout this move provides an opportunity to be like a kid. So have fun with this move!

Here is your challenge:

Step 1: Take an exercise ball and lie on top of it with your shins on the ball and your palms on the floor under your shoulders.

Step 2: Use your abs and legs, rolling the ball to your middle towards your arms, lifting your hips and keeping your head down towards the ground in between your arms. Your body will form an inverted “V” shape.

Step 3: Hold the inverted “V” for 2 seconds and then roll back to the starting position.

Step 4: Do 2-3 sets of 10-15 repetitions! Be sure to pull your abdominals in and keep your head in line with your spine as you move in and out of the “V” position.

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Finding Peace


I have heard your prayer, I have seen your tears; surely I will heal you. 2 Kings 20:5

LL3087Peace I leave with you, My peace I give to you; not as the world gives do I give to you. Let not your heart be troubled, neither let it be afraid. John 14:27

LL5760I cried to the Lord with my voice, and He heard me from His holy hill. I lay down and slept; I awoke, for the Lord sustained me Psalm 3:4-5

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