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The Body Inherently Evil

“For years the body has been viewed as inherently evil—a vessel we had to live in until it returned from whence it came. Yet, this is the same body in which the Holy Spirit of God lives. The Apostle Paul calls it the “temple” which we were to honor because of its purpose.” Click here to read more of The Body Inherently Evil by Etta Malcolm


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21 Things to do While Fasting

“While books and programs explain the mechanics of fasting and the various methods of doing so, people are often left wondering what they can or should do during this period of abstention. Keep in mind, the focus is not on denial but on increasing intimacy with God. Here are some suggested activities”…Read more on 21 Things to do While Fasting by Paula Wynn in LiveLiving Christian Health and Wellness eMagazine.

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Scissor Kick on a Ball

Adding a ball to any abdominal exercises throws you off balance, which makes muscles work harder to control the motion you are trying to perform. It is a great way to increase the intensity of your workout which results in greater tone in lesser time. The scissor kick exercise is designed to tone your abdominal muscles primarily the rectus abdominis, but adding the ball causes your abdominals to recruit the transverse abdominal muscle in addition to your obliques.

How to:

Step 1: Lie face-up with knees bent and feet on the ground; place a small ball under your lower back. Extend your arms by your side. (If you don’t have a small rubber ball (about 9 inches) you can use the ball side of the BOSU ball).

Step 2: Raise legs off the floor keeping your knees bent initially to get your balance. Legs are then extended over your hips.

Step 3: Lower right leg about 70 degrees towards the floor as you are bringing your left leg toward your head. Bring your legs back to center, and then repeating the move with opposite leg: right leg towards your head and left leg towards the floor in a scissor move.

Do 12 – 20 reps for 2-3 sets!


Beginners should master the move without the ball and then add the ball for more intensity.

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Making Room for God

LiveLiving eMagazine, Fasting edition, cover

The physical benefits of fasting are phenomenal in transforming our life and health. Fasting is an opportunity for believers to be disciplined in making room for God in mind, body and spirit. Read more of “The Physical Benefits of a Fast” by Blynthia Hall in LiveLiving Christian Health and Wellness eMagazine, page 15

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What You Didn’t Know About Stretching

Stretching regularly offers you many tremendous benefits such as increasing your range of motion so you can reach to a top shelf or bend over to tie your shoes. Stretching can deliver more energy and boost your mental function. The best benefit of all is that stretching can make you look better physically.

Every muscle in your body contains “stretch receptors” that keep a constant dialogue going with your brain about the overall level of tension in your muscles. When your muscles are chronically tight, your body is thrown out of alignment, creating muscular imbalances and poor posture. Aesthetically, well-stretched and limber muscles appear leaner than shortened, constantly contracted muscles. Stretching also corrects your posture, which is a key component to looking more toned and self-confident.

Best of all stretching actually burns calories as well. So at the end of your workout when you are deciding to skip the stretching part, think again! You can continue the calorie burning process just by taking an extra 10-30 minutes to stretch. Not only will you continue to burn calories it will help prevent muscle soreness and injury.


KEY 1. Stretching is best done DAILY!

KEY 2. Never stretch right before exercise. Pre-exercise stretching may actually contribute to injury.

KEY 3. Warm up at a light pace performing the activity you are actually going to perform – such as walking briskly before jogging – until you feel warm or break a sweat (usually about 10 minutes) then perform the activity.

KEY 4. Stretch the muscle you’ve just used for a minimum of 5-10 minutes post activity before you call it quits after your workout or activity.

Remember stretching is a natural progression into the move that once completed will leave you feeling great all over. Never bounce in a stretch, but gradual, gentle, 20-30 second holds is the best way to stretch a muscle.

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Meditation a Means of Silencing the Mind

“I like to think that the headquarters of the body is the mind. I think many of us would agree that the mind is extremely loquacious, chattering unceasingly even when we are a sleep…..The Bible instructs us to renew our minds…..Once we are able to quiet our minds and bodies through meditation and fasting a path to hear God is freed from debris and other obstacles.” Read more of “Meditation a Means of Silencing the Mind” by Etta Malcolm.

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Turn Down Your Plate and Draw Near to Him

“a fast is a time when we turn down our plate to draw closer to God. A spiritual fast is never a method for weight loss.” Visit to read more of “The Daniel Fast Restricted Diet or Spiritual Fast” by Kara Davis, MD in LiveLiving eMagazine, page 10 – 11.

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