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Forgive Me for Loving My Body

“Forgive me for loving my body…I love it even more so because”…Read more of this new blog by Etta Malcolm at Embodied Spirituality.


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3 Types of Fasting

“1 to 2 quarts, of liters of dietary whey along with herbal tea and 80 milliliters of fresh herbal juice. This fast is particularly suited for people with sensitive stomachs, metabolic disorders or colon, or those suffering from constipation”…Read more in LiveLiving Christian Health and Wellness eMagazine, page 14.

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Dumbbell Chest Press

In comparison to the incline bench press the Incline Dumbbell Press works primarily the upper pectoral muscles, however the dumbbells allow full range of motion and can be better than a bench press. This exercise is used to develop muscle in the upper and middle chest region.

Exercise How To:
This exercise uses a bench set at about 45 degrees inclined. Do not go more upright as the stress shifts more to shoulders rather than chest area.

1. Pick a pair of dumbbells and lie on an incline bench. Choose a weight that is light for your first set if you have never done this exercise before to ensure you have the correct form. Increase your weight for the second and third set to achieve fatigue by the end of your chosen reps.
2. Action: With your core tight, contract your chest muscles and extend your arms straight up toward the ceiling. Stop extending when the dumbbells are a couple of inches apart.
3. Hold the arms extended position for 2 seconds, then slowly lower your arms back to the starting position and repeat step 2.

Do 2-3 sets of 12-15 reps. The higher weight you use the less reps you should perform.

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A Path to Wellness

“At each month’s visit, I remember my doctor being very surprised at how well I was doing especially since I refused to go on the steroids he had recommended along with the other medication”….Read more on A Path to Wellness by Anoinette Bellman in LiveLiving Christian Health and Wellness eMagazine, pages 18-19.

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How to Work Up a Sweat

Short on time! We all have those days when we need to work up a sweat in a short amount of time. Being short on time also doesn’t mean that you will be short on your calorie burn either. With quick cardio drills incorporated into your workout you can burn maximum amount of calories and the shortest amount of time!

Here is how:
Find 30 feet of open space and place three markers in a line, each 15 feet away from the other. Straddling the middle marker, sprint to your right and touch the line with your right hand. Immediately turn and sprint back to your left for 30 feet and touch with your left hand; turn once more and sprint back to your starting point. That’s 1 rep (it should take 5 to 10 seconds to complete one rep depending on your speed and fitness level). Rest for 20-30 seconds, and on your next rep, move to your left first. Continue this pattern until you complete 10 reps.

Intensity of this exercise can be increased by increasing distance between markers, increasing your speed and decreasing your rest time.

Tip: Be strict with your time to complete one repetition and the time you rest between sets and reps.

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The Rebirth

Learning the path of Christ is a whole new way of living. This life involves choosing life even in areas concerning our diet. Click here to read more of The Rebirth by Etta Malcolm.

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When Worlds Collide: God and the Planets

God finely tuned many factors to make Earth a habitable planet for advanced life (Isaiah 45:18). One of those factors is our relatively large Moon which stabilizes our planet’s spin axis. Earth would literally flip over without the Moon and would be uninhabitable for advanced life due to the resulting catastrophic climate and seasonal changes. There would be times the North Pole would get more direct sunlight than the equator, like the planet Uranus! Click here to read more about When Worlds Collide: God and the Planets by Kirby Runyon, page 16 in LiveLiving Christian Health and Wellness eMagazine.

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