Abdominal Stretch

March 21, 2010 at 11:31 pm Leave a comment

Once you have worked up a sweat in the gym and it is time to stretch, try this abs stretch over a stability ball. Most of us spend all day hunched forward creating shortened musculature on our fronts and stretching out our back muscles. This stretch will open up the front of the body and is a great counter-pose to how we spend most of our time each day.

Step 1: Begin by sitting on the floor, you knees bent in front of you, feet flat and your back resting against the side of the ball. Leaving your hands at your sides for balance, very slowly push back onto the ball as you straighten your legs.

• Your arms should be relaxed, whether open at your sides or overhead.
• Keep your neck relaxed.
• Keep your feet hip-width apart, flat on the floor. If you begin to lose your balance bring them further apart.

Step 2: Coming out of the pose: bring your hands to the sides of the ball; holding on lightly, bend your knees up and roll forward until you’re sitting on the floor again, with your back pushed into the ball.

Warning: Do not perform this exercise if you are pregnant or have high blood pressure due to the full stretch position with your head toward the ground.


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