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Entering into the Grace of Silence

”At the end of my prayer time, it was clear that something had shifted deep within me. I felt more deeply connected to my need for Jesus. There was something in the offering up of his humanity, including his sadness and frustration, that has opened me up to God ever since.” Read the full article in LiveLiving Christian Health and Wellness eMagazine.


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The Art of Rest

I am sure you never thought this blog would every come, but there is a true art to resting. Allowing rest time during your training program allows your body to repair the tissues that are torn down during your workout. Lifting weights actually tears muscle fibers, the growth of your muscles actually occur after your workout when you are sleeping. The muscles tissue that is broken down during the exercise resulting in a depletion of energy stores (muscle glycogen) and a loss of fluid (sweat), which if not replenished can result in dehydration and muscle injury.

There are two types of recovery:

1. Short term recovery or Active recovery should be incorporated after each workout. For example, if your train your legs with an intense weight workout on Monday you may need 3 to 6 days of rest before training your leg muscles again. Active recovery can also be a walk in the park or a ride on your bike on a day you don’t already have a planned workout of intense cardio or weight training.

2. Long term recovery refers to days, weeks, or months built into a yearly training program. This allows for cross training. You may choose to run during the summer months, and swim during the winter months. The break in routine of your training allows rest for your body: muscles, joints. It also helps prevent plateaus that may occur from your body becoming adapted to repetition of the same exercise routine.

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A Meditation for the Environment

“I seek those moments to meditate and reflect on things when the pressures of a fast-paced human lifestyle build up. Where do I turn to in those moments? I often go to fresh, natural places to experience the little joys and pleasures of observing the many other living things around me”….Read the full article in LiveLiving Christian Health and Wellness eMagazine.

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Plantar Fasciitis

Have you ever awaken early morning and your first step out of bed is excruciatingly painful. The pain can diminish once your feet get warmed up, but as soon as you sit and rest for awhile then get back up you experience that same morning pain. You could have the symptoms of plantar fasciitis. This is inflammation in the strong band in the bottom of the foot that supports your arch.

Now that the season is summer and many people are involved in outdoor activities such as walking and running. Not everyone takes time to stretch properly and as a result of tight calf muscles your foot has a harder time flexing (bringing your toes towards your shin) commonly known as Dorsi-flexion in the medical world. A way to prevent or ward off plantar fasciitis if yours is due to tight calf muscles (gastrocsoleus complex) is by stretching after your activity.

Here’s how:

Calf stretch : Standing up straight lean forward with your hands against the wall, feet should be on the floor behind the plane of your shoulders. Step forward with one foot, leaving the opposite foot HEEL on the floor. Keep your butt tucked in pushing your hips towards the wall slowly continue to move towards the wall. You should feel a stretch in the back lower part of your leg from your knee to your heel. Hold the stretch for 20 seconds doing 3-4 repetitions.

• For a deeper heel stretch, do exactly as the calf stretch describes and then bend the knee of the back foot. You should feel the stretch in the lower part of your heel. Hold this stretch for 20 seconds for 3-4 repetitions as well. Do both stretches on both legs even if you only have pain on one foot. Prevention is always the best medicine.

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We all know that by breathing in we intake oxygen, but also by exhaling we eliminate toxins like carbon dioxide. Breath is both the beginning and end of life. In the book of Genesis scripture states, “God breathed life into man’s nostrils and he became a living being.” (Genesis 2:7) Breathing is life sustaining, but in death we take our last breath. Breathing is also essential to our communication with God. Control of breathing enables us to quiet our spirit man, focus our mind, and develop a receptive spirit for intimacy with God. For more on breathing read and experience a breathing exercise to lead you into God’s presence by Reverend Angela Bosfield Palacious in LiveLiving eMagazine.

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Food for Thought

Before journeying into a meditative state, it is imperative to consider the amount and quality of the foods you have consumed.…Read the full article in LiveLiving Christian Health and Wellness eMagazine.

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Progressive Muscle Relaxation

With our many “to do lists” and so many things fighting for our attention it is easy for stress to creep upon us. Stress has many negative effects on our health. One of the most biological effects of stress on our body is the release of cortisol, a stress hormone resulting in weight gain, especially belly fat. A non medication way of combating stress is the progressive muscle relaxation technique.

Step 1: Find a comfortable place to sit. (Can also be done in standing position).

Step 2: Pull shoulders up to ears slowly tensing your muscles holding for about 10 to 20 seconds then relax the muscles. Do same technique for each group of muscles: beginning at your toes and progressively working your way up to your shoulder and neck.

Step 3: Focus your attention on the difference between your muscles being tensed and how your muscles feel when they are relaxed. Once you are able to identify the differences then you are more aware of when your body is beginning to hold tension and you are equipped with a technique to combat the tension.

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