Reverse Crunches

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Training abdominal muscles can be a pain sometimes and other times you might find that the only muscle you are training are your abdominals, just so you can show off a six pack. In case you didn’t already know, it doesn’t matter how many crunches you do you will never see a six pack unless you increase your cardio training and clean up your eating habits to remove the layer of fat laying over the muscle. However, with the truth being said don’t stop those tummy exercises. Training your core musculature not only protects your back from pain and injury it can lead to a flatter tummy. A lot of time we stand in the mirror and pull in our stomachs to see what it would be like to have a flat tummy, well one way to get you on the road to a leaner midline is with the reverse crunch. The reverse crunch trains your rectus abdominis (six pack muscle) resulting in a flatter lower stomach.

Here is how:

Step 1: Lie on your back with your legs straight out. Knees should be locked and toes pointed towards the ceiling.
Step 2: Reach your hands over your head to hold on to a solid object.
Step 3: Keeping your lower back on the floor, your knees straight, lift your feet off the ground bring them up till your heels are pointed towards the ceiling. (90 degree of bend at your hips). Slowly lower your feet back towards the ground without touching. Once you are about 3 inches from the ground start the move over again doing 10-15 repetitions.

Advanced technique (Eccentric Training): With a partner: Place your head in between his / her feet, holding on to their ankles. He or she should be standing over your head. As you bring your feet up towards his or her hands they will push your feet back towards the ground forcefully. DO NOT LET your feet touch the ground. Once you are about 3 inches from the ground pull your feet back up. Do 10 – 15 repetitions gradually working your way up to 20 or more.


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