Tennis Elbow

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Tennis Elbow, or more formally known as lateral epicondylitis, is a condition causing pain in the outside (lateral) elbow. Tennis Elbow often results as an overuse or repetitive motion of the wrist and elbow inflames the tendon and muscle surrounding the elbow. Although this problem is seen significantly in tennis players, it is not limited to the sport you play. Pain associated with lateral epicondylitis is also seen in a sedentary person who sits in front of a computer all day clicking a mouse, or someone who drives all day, any activity performing repetitive motion of the wrist and elbow can trigger the onset of pain. Two activities to prevent or treat tennis elbow are ball squeezes and rubber band extensions. If you do have pain in your elbow, and you have already done your R.I.C.E. treatment (see last week’s blog) then do the following exercise to alleviate or prevent further trauma to your elbow.

Ball squeezes / Rubber band stretches.

Step 1: Preferable a stress ball, especially if you are having pain, or a tennis ball if you are doing preventive care. Hold ball in palm of your hand, stretching fingers around it as to get a good grip. Squeeze the ball holding each squeeze for a couple of seconds then releasing slowly. Set a timer for about 2 minutes for 2-3 sets. Gradually increase your time. You can also carry the tennis ball with you in your car and at every red light on your way to / from work squeeze the ball.

Step 2: Get a rubber band, (wide / narrow), resistance should depend on the amount of pain you are having at the time. The strength of the rubber band should slowly increase as the amount of pain you are having decreases. Place the rubber band around the most distal part of your fingers (usually just under the fingernail). Slowly try to open your hand / fingers feeling the resistance from the rubber band. Repeat as above: 2 minutes for 2-3 sets.

Thought: You should do this exercise for both hands / elbows, not just the elbow that hurts.


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