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Worship–The Fragrance of God

As we worship the Lord, there is always a sacrifice involved. Our most valuable sacrifice is the time we commit to worship. As we place our time on the altar, clear our calendar, and set it aside, we are actually sprinkling the salt of obedience. We produce an aroma of worship as we sacrifice our time, combining obedience with sanctification, the setting apart of our lives: spirit, soul, and body…. Read the full article in LiveLiving Christian Health and Wellness Magazine.


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Smell the Healing Power of God

Aromatic oils and perfumes have been essential in the lives of people since the days of antiquity. In biblical times, these ointments and perfumes were very significant for worship, burial, and fragrance. Moses was commanded by the Lord to take sweet spices and make incense for the priests to use during worship in the Tabernacle (Exodus 31: 34-38)…. Read the full article in LiveLiving Christian Health and Wellness Magazine.

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Training for Power, Strength, Quickness and Endurance

Eccentric muscle contraction is the last of the three muscle contractions we will learn how to put into our training routine. An eccentric contraction is where the muscle lengthens against resistance in a controlled motion. This type of training is one of the quickest ways to increase strength. Examples of this type contraction is the quad muscle lengthening as you are stepping down with the opposite leg, or slowly returning the foot plate to start position of a leg press machine. It requires a significant amount of muscle control to perform this type of contraction. You can incorporate this type of training into each muscle group, especially the weakest muscles. It is used in training purposes to improve power, strength, quickness, and endurance in the muscle tissue. Athletes use it to improve performance, and rehab specialist incorporate it into routines where injuries have occurred to return patients to functional ability in activities of everyday life; such as going down stairs.


Whatever muscle you may be training the rule of thumb would be when returning to your beginning position the movement after the concentric contraction should be slow (about 4 seconds) which is the eccentric contraction.

Example: Concentrated bicep curl. Sitting position: Knees bent to 90 degrees. Elbow placed on the inside of thigh just above your knee joint. Arm is extended with dumbbell in hand. Bend elbow bringing dumbbell towards shoulder (concentric contraction of bicep). Hold for 2 seconds squeezing bicep. Then SLOWLY lower dumbbell back towards floor the starting position (eccentric contraction, should take about 4 seconds to complete extension of elbow).

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How To Create a Fragrant Dinner

It’s a sensation which captures our imagination and attention. It is powerful, yet under-appreciated. This is the sense of smell. Most people consider the sense of smell the least powerful of our five senses. We are not often attuned to our sense of smell as we are to our sense of taste. Yet herbs, with their aromatic fragrances, are one of the pleasures God has created for our sense of smell as well as for our palates…. Read the full article in LiveLiving Christian Health and Wellness Magazine.

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Concentric Contractions

A continuation of our education of the types of contractions your muscles can do to gain strength. Once again knowledge is power and the more you learn about your muscles and how to train them the more efficiently you will be able to achieve your goals. A review of the 3 standard contractions the muscle could perform when doing strengthening exercises was isometric, concentric, and finally eccentric contraction. Today we explore concentric contractions.

iStock_000004015784XSmallConcentric Contraction
– This type of contraction is where the muscle is activated to generate a force by shortening the actual length of the muscle. This type of contraction is usually used when building muscle. An example would be holding a dumbbell by your waist and then lifting your hand, bending your elbow, to bring the dumbbell towards your shoulder. The bicep muscle in this case shortens. Another example is the lower extremity, sitting on a chair (with / without an ankle weight) extending your leg from the sitting (90 degree bent angle at your knee) position to the straight leg position still in sitting (0 degree ankle at your knee). In this case the quad musculature has been concentrically contracted.

If you have been going to the gym at all then you are probable already performing this type of contraction in your exercise routine. However, now that you are more aware of the type of contraction your muscle is performing then concentrating on the muscle and its actual action can help your more define your physique.

Next week Eccentric Contractions!

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Get Fit in your Garden

Most people do research to find out how to make their garden more beautiful. Whether it be a flower garden and striving to orchestrate the correct color scheme or a garden to grow vegetables and fresh food, the idea is to make the garden as beautiful and as healthy as possible. However, did you ever think about how working in your garden could be a great substitute for your traditional routine and even make a healthier you?…Read the full article in LiveLiving Christian Health and Wellness Magazine.

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