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Last week we began to talk about toning your legs and one way to see more tone in your legs, or for any body part you want to see more toned, is by shedding the overlying fat from the muscle. An easy way to increase your metabolism, and turn up the incinerator on consuming the fat is through interval training. You may not be a runner, but anyone can incorporate sprints into their cardio routine.

The whole concept of sprinting is increasing the speed and intensity of the activity for a short duration. If you can keep up this speed for more than 1-2 minutes you probable are not into your sprinting zone. Another example for instance is if you like to walk outside; there are many landmarks that you may pass along your walking path. Once you have a specific landmark such as a light pole or the end of a street, increase your speed to running to see just how fast you can make it to your next landmark. By incorporating several of the interval runs into your routine you give your whole routine a boost in burning calories. This exact routine can be performed on a treadmill, elliptical, jumping rope, bicycling, or Stairmaster by watching your time, setting a specific distance, or increasing your intensity.

Sprinting not only increases the amount of calories you burn during your cardio session but the extra power produced by the muscles to perform the activity helps to build strength and power. The increase in muscle tissue also produces an increase in your resting metabolic rate (calories burned at rest). Any way you look at interval training or “sprinting” as long as you are incorporating it into your routine you win: fat loss and muscle gain!


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