Sleep Now or Pay Later

November 8, 2010 at 1:50 am Leave a comment

“Go to bed!” That was what my husband kept telling me. We were watching a movie together, but I could not keep my eyes open. I stayed up late the night before and was certainly paying the price with interest the next day. I realized that even the smallest amount of sleep deprivation will definitely interfere with stamina.

Each time we ignore the body’s demand for sleep a debit is drafted from our energy stores. While we may keep racking up the charges and not be aware of how much of a sleep debt we incur, the body knows and will demand repayment. The best way to avoid having to involuntarily surrender to our body’s debt collection is to do exactly what my husband told me, “go to bed!”

Most of us are hardwired to get up at the same time, so sleeping in is not likely to allow us to redeem ourselves. The better solution is to go to bed an hour early. Considering recent change from daylight savings to standard time, now can be the perfect time to catch up on any needed rest!

Read more about sleep in LiveLiving Magazine’s November / December 2011 issue, Rest in Him.


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Fragrance of God: How the Sense of Smell can Draw us Closer to God Sleep to Lose Weight

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