Target Your Legs, Butt, Back and Shoulders with One Exercise

November 29, 2010 at 11:34 am Leave a comment

Need an exercise that will hit multiple muscles with no equipment? During the holidays with time being short it can be beneficial to have an exercise that can work multiple muscles in minimal time. The Good Morning exercise will strengthen and tone your hamstings, butt (gluteus maximus), low back (erector spinae), shoulders (trapezius), and deltoids. Now that is an impact exercise!

Here’s how:

Step 1: Standing with your knees straight but unlocked, and your feet hip width apart.
Step 2: Raise your arms straight overhead. Palms of each hand should be facing each other and elbow locked out.
Step 3: Pick out an object to focus on in front of you (that is not moving) and slowly bend a your hips simultaneously lifting one leg behind you. With your leg lifted your leg, torso and arms should form a straight line. The leg on the ground should give you a figure “T”.
Step 4: Hold this position for 5-8 seconds and do 12-20 repetitions on each leg.

Key Points:

• Don’t let your arms drop out of a straight line.
• Keep your head up and eyes focused in front of you.
• Keep your standing knee soft and not locked out or fall into a bent knee.

*If you need more of a challenge do this exercise on the back / flat side of a Bosu ball!


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